North Devon Update

Buckland Brewer and Parkham: 

This half term we have been focusing on gymnastics. Both KS1 and KS2 have been working on different balances such as 1 point balance, 2 point balance, 3 point balance and 4 point balance. They have also been working on holding the balance and making sure toes are pointed and fingers are together. We have also been looking at different shapes and seeing if the children can use their core balance to hold the shape. We then moved onto looking at different jumps where the children were seeing if they could make a certain shape in the air and seeing if they could show the correct landing. We then worked all of the movements, jumps, shapes and balance the children learnt throughout the term and made it into a routine. The children watching gave feedback on each others routine. A big well done to all the children at Buckland Brewer and Parkham for all their hard work during gymnastics. 

Pilton infants: 

This half term we have focused on Netball. The children at Pilton infants have been working on chest passes, bounce passes, overhead passes and learning how to shoot though hoops. We then played a netball tournament at the end of the half term where the children could use their skills in a match situation. The children learnt how to work as a team and started to understand space and who is in good space to pass the ball too. The children also started to understand that you weren’t allowed to move with the Ball and gain understanding on how to score a goal by passing it to team mates closer to the goal. A big well done to all those children at Pilton infants for gaining great understanding on passes and being in a game situation. 

Posted on February 17th 2019

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