Spring Update from North Devon

Pilton Infants School: 

At Pilton Infants with all year groups we have been working on volleyball. The children have been learning how to dig, set, spike and serve the ball. The children also were learning how to umpire and the rules within the volleyball/ volleyball sport game. The children gained knowledge on how to start the game, how to work with partner, sportsmanship, and the structure of a volleyball point. 

Buckland Brewer and Parkham Primary Schools:

This half term we have been working on dodgeball and bench ball. The children been taking part in reaction activities as well as learning how to catch outside of their ‘comfort zone’. All the children took part in mini bench ball and dodge ball games and have learnt the rules to both activities. The last week of the term we have put together a bench ball and dodgeball competition where the class will be split into teams and compete against each other.

Posted on April 2nd 2019

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