Thorncombe come out on top in epic final

On Monday 11th March,  Chardstock Primary Academy hosted our Year 5 and 6 Football tournament which included teams from Axminster, Thorncombe, Marshwood, Mrs Ethelstons, Loders, Membury and Chardstock. The team were split into two pools with the top two teams from each pool progressing into the semi-finals. POOL A included the teams from Axminster, Membury, Thorncombe and Marshwood. POOL B included the teams from Mrs Ethelstons, Loders and Chardstock. In POOL A Axminister finished on top with 9 points and Thorncombe were runners up with 6 points, Membury and Marshwood finished on one points each but Membury had a better goal difference so finished 3rd and Marshwood were 4th. In POOL B Mrs Ethelstons finished on top with 12 points and Chardstock were runners up with 6 points and Loders finished third in the pool unfortunately not gaining a point.
The first semi final between Axminster and Chardstock was a tight affair with both sides missing one-on-one opportunities in the opening stages before Joe from Chardstock broke through the Axminister defence and coolly slotted the ball into the bottom corner to give his a team a deserved lead. Axminster pushed to final the equaliser to take the game to extra time but Chardstock defended superbly to book their place in the final.
The second final between Thorncombe and Mrs Ethelstons followed the same pattern as the first semi with both defences on top. Mrs Ethelstons had the best of the possession but couldn't force there way through a stubborn defence which was led by Sam who was chosen as one of the STAND OUT INDIVDUALS throughout the tournament. Mrs Ethelstons through the kitchen sink at Thorncombe which left space in behind their defence which was exploited by Evan from Thorncombe who blasted the ball high into the net to send his team into the final against Chardstock. This was harsh on Mrs Ethelstons who consistently played well throughout the POOL stages
The final was an epic encounter with Chardstock taking an early lead through Archie following a reverse through ball from Owen. Thorncombe went straight up the other end and Evan was first to react in the box and top poked his team level. Henry the goalkeeper from Thorncombe made a superb double save to keep his team level and his long distance kick out of hand ended with Evan one-on-one with the keeper and Jacob from Chardstock pulling off a great save which resulted in a corner. From the resulting corner a Chardstock defender put through his own net to give the lead back to Thorncombe. As Chardstock pressed for an equaliser this left lots of space for Evan to exploit and he rounded the keeper to give his a team a 3-1 lead. Chardstock kept preserving right to the final whistle and Owen slotted home to give his a team a chance with 2 minutes to go but couldn't force an equaliser to send the final into extra time. This was a superb contest played between two evenly matched teams and well done to Thorncombe for coming out on top
Results from the Tournament were as follows:

  • Axminster 2-1 Membury
  • Thorncombe 3-0 Marshwood
  • Axminster 1-0 Thorncombe
  • Membury 0-0 Marshwood
  • Axminster 1-0 Marshwood
  • Thorncombe 1-0 Membury


  • Mrs Ethelstons 1-0 Loders
  • Loders 0-2 Chardstock
  • Chardstock 0-2 Mrs Ethelstons
  • Mrs Ethelstons 2-0 Loders
  • Loders 0-1 Chardstock
  • Chardstock 0-1 Mrs Ethelstons


  • Axminster 0-1 Chardstock
  • Mrs Ethelstons 0-1 Thorncombe


  • Thorncombe 3-2 Chardstock

Throughout the tournament each Teacher from each school had to choose a player who shone for their ability, perseverance, resilience, respect towards other children/referee, discipline and team work. Below are the names of the children and the reason why they were chosen:

  • Luke - Axminster - Dribbling Ability and scored two Free kicks from 20+ yards
  • Jamie - Mrs Ethelstons - Ability to use both feet in tight spaces and was top Goal scorer in the event
  • Josh - Mrs Ethelstons - Defending and organisation of his team - Natural leader
  • Edan - Chardstock - Dribbling ability and made some superb one-on-one saves when he was goalkeeper
  • Sam - Thorncombe - Defending and his ability to read the game
  • Finn - Marshwood - Was superb in goal and pulled off some great saves and played the game with a huge smile on his face
  • Tom - Marshwood - preserved throughout the tournament and encouraged other team members and was first to shake the opposition hands at the end of game

We look forward to the next Acorn Academy event which is going to be held at Loders Primary School on the 29th April (Quad kids for Year 1 and 2)

Posted on March 17th 2019

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