What We Offer

Working with Primary Sports


At Primary Sports & Education, we understand how crucial physical activity at an early age is for a child's physical and psychological development.  Physical activity teaches children how to interact with others, gain confidence in their own abilities, develop core strength and build those important bonds that will aid them through many social situations both now and into the future.  

Using the milestones from the Development Matters document, our programmes for children from birth to five years have been carefully designed to create the perfect combination of balance, coordination, strength and fitness sessions to support our youngest children as well as fostering team work and cooperation.

We have different programmes for children across the Early Years according to their developmental stage. The programmes are designed to be fun, active, creative and success-driven Children are highly motivated and enthusiastic in our sessions and, above all, have a great time!  As well as keeping a child fit and healthy right now, sports and activities create muscle patterns that the body will remember forever, making it easier to improve and perfect techniques as they grow. Our aim is to give our nursery children the best possible start to their physical development and wellbeing.

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