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Primary Music & Education

We aim to provide every child with the opportunity to develop fundamental musicianship skills through listening, performing and composing.

Primary Music & Education is one of the very first companies to offer a comprehensive classroom music teaching service. We offer schools a varied, exciting and pioneering music curriculum alongside a thorough assessment programme which will track the progress of children as they go through school in all aspects of music.

Our curriculum and assessments have been developed by a primary school teacher (graded ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted) with twenty years’ classroom experience, and over thirty five years of experience as a musician, including a semi-professional performance capacity and as a peripatetic teacher.

We strongly believe that every child should leave primary school equipped with the skills of reading music and playing a musical instrument.

Children's University (Devon and Cornwall )

The Children's University has awarded us the accolade of being an outstanding learning destination for both the extra-curricular and holiday camp provision we provide to primary school children across Devon and Cornwall. This is a national initiative whereby children can attend different accredited learning lectures and activities outside of school hours through the programme. For every event/activity they take part in, they receive a stamp in their Passports to Learning (applied for through the school they attend), which are accumulated to earn bronze, silver and gold certificates. Children are presented with their qualifications in school and once they reach a gold level, they are invited to a 'graduation ceremony' at Plymouth University, an event held annually to celebrate their achievements. To find out more, visit http://www.childrensuniversity.co.uk/

Primary Forest & Education

We believe at Primary Forest School that all children have a right to outdoor education, both self-exploratory and structured learning, 
within and outside of school, regardless of ability, age, disability or finance, to achieve a greater understanding and respect for the natural world around them while acquiring lifetime skills alongside the company’s morals and values.

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