Salcombe Primary Academy - Gymnastics Afterschool Club

During this extended time, the children will have the opportunity to take participate in a Gymnastics programme which focuses on shapes, travelling, routines, rolling, balances, jumping and some low-level apparatus work. Prizes will be given to the children at the end of the programme.

The sessions are run by a sports coach from Primary Sports & Education, Mr Hunt and all information provided will be passed on to our staff to ensure the safety of your child.

All sessions are delivered in accordance with the current government guidelines related to COVID-19. If you have any further questions about the after school club, please contact your sports coach, Mr Hunt, via email:

Booking the initial date below covers 7 sessions weekly, from Tuesday 2nd November 2021- Tuesday 14th December 2021.

Salcombe Primary Academy - Gymnastics Afterschool Club (22/10/2021 15:30 - 16:30)

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