Terms and Conditions

This policy applies to any booked places at an after-school club or holiday camp that is run by Primary Sports and Education Ltd or any of its staff.


  • Coaches will state to the children, the company’s behaviour policy at the after-school clubs and holiday camps, and the consequences, within the introduction each day.
  • Coaches will operate a three-strike system

1.    Verbal warning – Leader will give the child the reason why they were warned

2.    Sit out of session – Leader will explain to the child the reason why they are sitting out and will give them time to reflect on their behaviour. Leader will also state the consequence if they make a bad choice

3.    Child to leave camp or club – Parents will be called and child will leave the camp or club

  • If a child puts themself or other children/adults in danger or physically abuses other children, they will be sent home immediately but will be able to return to the club/camp once a conversation has taken place with the responsible adult of that child and Primary Sports have produced a risk assessment for that child.
  • Primary Sports will, inline with the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and SEN code of practice, make reasonable adjustments for children with special educational needs and disabilities in relation to this policy where it is deemed appropriate.
  • A “reasonable adjustment” never means that we lower our expectations. It means that some children need additional support to ensure that they meet the high expectation that we have of all our children that attend our provision.  
  • Children must be able to independently use the toilet facilities at the venue before attending their first session. Staff are not trained to change nappies or pull ups.


  • Parents must inform the leader of any medical, dietary or behavioural requirements when booking.
  • Parents must provide emergency contact details
  • Parents must be asked about consent to take photos of their child/ren
  • Parents must be aware that Primary Sports will accept no liability for injuries caused at the Holiday Camp or After School Club.
  • Parents must provide their children with extra layers under their clothes e.g. long sleeve t-shirt to ensure they stay warm. The venues will still have the heating on but if it’s windy, the classes could become cool
  • Parents must provide a pair of SHIN PADS should the child wish to participate in football during Multi-Activity Holiday Camps
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring that inhalers are with their children. If they are wanting a leader to store inhalers, they must be given in a labelled bag 


All children will be covered under Primary Sports and Education £10million public liability insurance.


All coaches possess the following qualifications:

  • Level 2 Coach qualification through a National Governing body of their choice
  • Lead coaches will have a degree in Sports coaching or Education
  • A clear enhanced DBS through Primary Sports
  • Level 2 Safeguarding training (our leadership team all have Level 3 safeguarding training)
  • A paediatric first aid qualification which they must renew every 3 years
  • PREVENT and allergy training
  • COVID prevention training
  • Female Genital mutilation training
  • Adverse childhood experiences training
  • Sexual Exploitation training – How to keep children safe training
  • Behaviour management training
  • Coaches are required to abide by risk assessments for each activity which are written in association with advice from OFSTED, local authorities, and national governing bodies. These are reviewed regularly to ensure we continue to provide the best care for all children. 

Food for wrap around care provision

Should a child be staying for our wrap around care provision (either in after school clubs, breakfast clubs or holiday camps), our leaders may be providing low risk food to your child. We will only provide food to your child should you sign the ‘Food Allergy Consent form.’ We will not be providing food to your child unless this form is signed. Low risk foods include:

  • All fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Crisps
  • Ice lollies
  • Crackers
  • Bread
  • Jam
  • Biscuits (nut free)
  • Cereal Bars
  • Breadsticks
  • Rice cakes (without icing)
  • Marmite
  • Plant-based spread for bread 
  • Raisins 

Please note: Primary Sports operates a strict NO NUT policy!!


Each setting has set high standards of personal hygiene for all members of staff involved in the handling and preparation of food, (please see personal hygiene policy and procedure for further information). Members of staff will be responsible for ensuring that any children involved with preparation of snack follow strict hygiene procedures. In addition, any person showing signs of ill ill health will not be permitted to handle food.

Staff are expected to wash their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds before handling any foods. Staff should also be expected to clean any surface where food is provided.


If any of the camps must be cancelled for whatever reason, Primary sports will ensure that they give their paying clients at least 7 days’ notice. All bookings will be fully refunded, and we will provide other holiday alternatives. Paying clients will be informed by email and telephone of the cancellation and the reason why.


Refund Policy: Parents will not receive a refund if they make a booking and cancel, regardless of how much notice Primary Sports & Education receives. If the camp is cancelled by Primary Sports, all bookings will be given a voucher to the full value of the booking with 1 year on it. This can be used on any holiday camps at the original location by using the voucher code at the time of booking on the website. Voucher codes will be unique to each individual and emailed separately.


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