Our Lady's KS2- Football after school club

During this extended time, the children will have the opportunity to take part in a fun based Football programme that focuses on the attacking and defending principles, fundamentals of the game such as passing, shooting, tackling, creating space, spacial awareness, tactics within the game, rules of the game whilst taken part in small-sided games.


The sessions are run by a sports coach from Primary Sports & Education, Mr Heafield, and all information provided will be passed on to our staff to ensure the safety of your child.

Please make sure your child brings their shin pads.

If you have any further questions about the after school club, please contact your sports coach, Mr Heafield via email:


Booking the initial date below covers 5 sessions weekly, from Monday 26th February - Monday 25th March 2024.

Football could result in a child being injured. Primary Sports and Education will accept no liability. Children must wear shin pads in the football sessions.

Refund Policy: Parents will not receive a refund if they make a booking and cancel, regardless of how much notice Primary Sports & Education receives. If the session is cancelled by Primary Sports, all bookings will be given a voucher to the full value of the booking with 1 year on it. This can be used on any community events at the original location by using the voucher code at the time of booking on the website. Voucher codes will be unique to each individual and emailed separately.

Our Lady's KS2- Football after school club (26/02/2024)

Our Lady's KS2- Football after school club (26/02/2024)

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